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After 46 years we have made the difficult decision to discontinue feed production on April 14th and close Meiss Feed and Supply LLC completely once existing inventory is sold.  This decision does not come lightly for our family. For three generations; feed production, nutritional research, and farm management planning have been our lives. After the devastating effects of 2020 and the passing of multiple family members in 2020 and 2021; moving the company forward has become an impossibility we as a family simply cannot overcome.  We are so very grateful for your support both past and present. It has been our pleasure to serve your needs within the livestock industry.  

Our Mission


Meiss Feed and Supply's mission is to provide livestock owners with cost effective, high performance livestock related products and knowledge that fulfill their operational needs; through exceptional service and product development.  


In April of 2015, I had a feed representative from Meiss Feed show up at the farm. After a couple hours of talking to him about his feed, I agreed (reluctantly) to split a pen of young does to trial his feed against Show-Rite.  After 3 months, the pen fed Meiss Feed (surprisingly to me) looked better in overall condition. I called and ordered 2 ton of Meiss Feed and never looked back! We show and price wasn’t a big concern, but after feeding Meiss Feed, I appreciate the savings greatly!


-Mark Fraser (Former Show-Rite dealer)

Meiss feed has been a great partner in our livestock nutrional program. Prices and delivery are extremely competitive. Greg has been great at answering questions and giving ideas to compliment our program. If your looking for someone who will invest themselves in growing your business and increasing your profits Greg Meiss needs to be your feed guy!

-Harold Hall Whitley Creek Belgian Blues

Meiss Feed is hands-down, the BEST feed we have ever used! Understandably this may sound like an incredible statement, but we have done our research and can truthfully say that this statement is one hundred percent accurate. In the late fall of 2015, we were asked to consign goats to a very prestigious sale. While we were very appreciative of this honor, we were afraid our goats’ appearances would not meet the high standards of this sale. The genetics were there, but they just did not seem to gain the weight needed to have the bloom and condition the sale animals needed. At the time we were feeding a nationally-known, highly-respected feed, and it was given free choice! There was no reason the animals should not be performing well, or so we thought. Then we discovered a post on social media that lead us to change our entire feeding program. Meiss Feeds were posting the results of a goat feed trial on Facebook. While we were skeptical of the results, we decided to give it a try. A Meiss Feed representative suggested we conduct our own trial with several of the does that were not performing up to our expectations. One of those does was “Lady,” a daughter of one of our Ennobled does and our Ennobled buck. Even though she had an outstanding pedigree, she was slated to go to the sale barn. At seven months of age she weighed a mere 64 pounds! Unbelievably, we could see results in her, as well as the other doe we were using for the trial, within three days! Needless to say, we decided to switch our entire herd over to Meiss Feed. In the year since we switched to using Meiss Feed exclusively, we have noticed not only better weights and condition on our kids, but also less incidences of pregnancy toxemia, fewer feet problems, and overall better health of the herd. As for our trial doe Lady, she gained 100 pounds in six months, and also became a valuable member of our show string, earning the extra points needed for the Ennoblement of her sire. We are firm believers in the power of a great feed, and because we know its value, we will feed nothing but Meiss Feed!

-Hannah Darr

Double J Reed Ranch has been using Meiss Goat Feed for several years, and we have been so very pleased with this product. Why? That is easy to answer! Our herd of about 30 goats do great on it. It is very affordable compared to other options. It is delivered to our door for just a small fee. The company employees are always ready to advise and help with goat issues that may arise. We feel very blessed to have this product available to us. 

~ Jim and Jan Reed at Double J Reed Ranch

Consistency is the word that best describes Meiss Feeds for me. At Wilson Family Boer Goats we strive to raise the meat goat we can. Meiss Feeds give us the consistency that every time you open a bag. You know the contents are the same every time, and that is what our goats like. Meiss Feeds takes nutrition to a new level and that is what I like!

-Wilson Family Boer Goats

Last winter, we were very unhappy with our national brand show feed that had worked so well for us in years past. We were using 2 different large national brands, and our lactating does were not eating enough to maintain any kind of good condition. Our young weaned animals were not consuming anywhere near the volume of feed that previous kid crops had done, and preferred standing in their feed as opposed to eating it. Our hopes for a great show season were slipping away in front of our eyes because the animals simply did not like their feed. Since we had not changed our genetics, we reluctantly started looking at a major change in our feed program. We decided to do a small feed trial on a pen of young animals, using our national brand as our control group on the other pens. Within a week, we were seeing some drastic differences and added another pen to the Meiss Feed Trial. A few weeks later we had switched all our growing animals, and 2 months later made arrangements to switch our entire herd to the Meiss Feed Program. We have been extremely pleased with the results in our herd. Our condition scores are better than last year, weaning weights are up, hair coats are beautiful, and we are feeding less volume with higher weight gains. Thanks to our sales representative Greg, we can get immediate answers to any questions we may have. We highly recommend giving Meiss Feed a try!

-Harrod Family
Rock Creek Boers
Hinckley, IL

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