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Cattle Grain Mixes

1018 Little Moo Mix

18% Complete calf starter grain with molasses to encourage early intakes in young calves.  Introduce calf starter to calves starting at 3 days of age.

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1026 Calf Creep

1026 calf creep is 16% unmedicated ration intended for young calves preparing to be weaned, continuing up to 900 lb.  This product promotes early rumenal development and encourages early intakes while nursing, without comprimising daily gains or development.

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1015 Hi-Fi Meiss Grain

15% Grower/developer ration for calves weighing up to 900 lbs.  1015 Hi-Fi Meiss Grain will maximize growth rate in calves with limited access to quality forages, and can be offered free choice as a creep feed. 

1015 Hi-Fi Cattle Buffet.pdf
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1013 Cattle Finisher

13% Finisher ration for cattle weighing and average of 900 lb or greater. This diet is formulated to maximize the growth and finish on feedlot cattle through a unique combination of digestible proteins, and carbohydrates.

1013 Cattle Finisher.pdf
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1011 Final Finisher

Final stage finisher diet for feedlot cattle. This diet is formulated to maximize the finish in cattle in the final developmental stages before market.  This diet can be fed to beef steers averaging a minimum of 750 lb, or to dairy steers averaging a minimum of 400 lb.  This diet requires limited access to roughage products in order to stimulate rumenation, and maximize finish in cattle.

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