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All of our goat feeds are designed with the highest quality, and performance standards!


Are you ready for your most competitive show season yet?! Fuel the fire to win with our Royal Inferno! This feed is a 16% protein, 4% minimum fat barley base show feed that will give you the show bloom, growth, and muscle development you need to compete at any level.  Medicated with Monensin for the prevention and control of coccidiosis. Click on the link to view the label below.

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3218 Kid Starting Buffet

This product is designed specifially for kids that are reaching an age where introduction to grain is possible. This feed encourages early consumption by combining palatability with necessary nutrients in order to stimulate early rumenation, growth and development in kids as young as 3 days old.

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3217 Accela-Kid Buffet

Accela-Kid is the new kid on the block in our goat products lineup. Designed as an accelarated gains grower-developer feed, this product maximizes the potential of any growing kid, therefore reducing the days necessary to reach intended growth points. Diverse in its make-up this formulation that combines 17% minimum protein and high fat levels, to push the daily gains without forfeiting structual integrity. 

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3216 Kid Buffet

Designed as a performance grower-developer feed, this product will maximize the growth potential of any growing kid. Through a formulation that combines 16% minimum protein and higher fat levels, this product will push structural and muscular gains without forfeiting conditioning. 

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3214 Final Buffet

When growing market kids approach market weight but require more conditioning, this product steps up to meet the challenge. Formulated with a diverse combination of available fats, and a lower protein level, this product will maximize conditioning and rapid weight gain. 

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3226 Goat Buffet

This doe feed is designed to be used in every stage of production.  Formulated with 16% minimum protein and a unique combination of proteins and fats, this feed provides all the nutrients necessary to promote fertility and maintain breeding stock conditioning during breeding, gestation, and lactation.


This product is not intended to be fed to bucks or wethers as it does not contain ammonium chloride.

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3228 Dairy Goat

This doe feed is specifically designed for maximum milk production in does during lactation.  Through unique formulation this feed will provide the nutrients necessary to maximize milk production while maintaining body conditioning.  This feed can be fed to both dairy does and meat does requiring more milk production.


This product is not intended to be fed to bucks or wethers as it does not contain ammonium chloride.

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